Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Bill Lockhart


MAC 232

Bill Lockhart
1400 College Drive
Waco, TX 76708


  • Doctorate, Sociology, University Virginia
  • Master of Divinity, Urban Ministries, Gordon Conwell Seminary
  • Bachelor Science, Urban Studies, Ucla


  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, 09/01/1999 - 12/31/1999, University Richmond
  • Graduate Instructor, 08/01/1995 - 08/31/2000, University Virginia
  • Assistant Professor, 08/01/2001 - 07/31/2004, Baylor University
  • Professor, 08/16/2004 - Present, McLennan Community College


  • 2008 - United States Marine Corps Reserve, Commander's Award to the MCC Tartan Scholars for outstanding achievement in support of the 2008 Toys for Tots Program.
  • 2006 - Bader, Christopher and William Lockhart. 2006. 'Spiritual Shopping: Regional Patterns in the Consumption of New Age and Christian Materials.' Journal of Media and Religion 5(1). (Peer reviewed.)
  • 2005 - 'Building Bridges and Bonds: Generating Social Capital in Secular and Faith-Based Poverty-to-Work Programs.' 2005. Sociology of Religion 66(1, Spring) 45-60. (Peer reviewed).
  • 2004 - Contributor, 'Syllabi and Instructional Materials for the Sociology of Religion, 4th edition.' 2004. Edited by Lutz Kaelber and Doug Cowan. Washington, DC: American Sociological Association.
  • 2003 - 'The Quiet Hand of God: Faith-Based Activism and the Public Role of Mainline Protestantism.' [Book Review]. 2003. Social Forces 81 (4, June): 1514-1516. (Peer reviewed.)
  • 2003 - 'The Added Value of Religion in Poverty-to-Work Programs.' 2003. The Journal of Markets and Morality 6 (2, Fall): 497-524. (Peer reviewed).
  • 2003 - 'Specifying Bridges and the Cargo: Social Capital, Faith-based Programs and the Poor' published in the Working Papers for the 2003 Spring Research Forum sponsored by Independent Sector and The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute on Government located at the State University of New York in Albany. (Peer reviewed for presentation at the conference.)
  • 2001 - 'The Newer Deal' by Ram Cnaan [Book Review]. 2001. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 40 (1, March):133-134. (Peer reviewed.)
  • 2001 - "'We Are One Life,' But Not of One Gender Ideology: Unity, Ambiguity, and the Promise Keepers," chapter 5 (pp. 73-92) in Rhys H. Williams, ed., Promise Keepers and the New Masculinity: Private Lives and Public Morality. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2001. Co-published with the Association for the Sociology of Religion. (Peer reviewed.)
  • 2000 - "'We Are One Life,' But Not of One Gender Ideology: Ambiguity, Unity and the Promise Keepers," Sociology of Religion 61 (1, Spring 2000): 73-92. (Peer reviewed.)
  • 1999 - 'Race and Religion at the Million Man March and the Promise Keepers' Stand in the Gap' (with Steven L. Jones), pp. 44-55 in Dane Claussen, ed. Standing on the Promises. Cleveland, OH: Pilgrim Press, 1999. (Peer reviewed.)
  • 1997 - "Defining the New Christian Man: The Promise Keepers' Books among Current Conservative Protestant Books on Masculinity," Priscilla Papers, June 1997.
  • 1993 - Synod of the Trinity [regional jurisdiction in the Presbyterian Church (USA) for Pennsylvania, West Virginia and part of Ohio] Peacemaking Award, 1993.
  • 1991 - Wheeling Branch of the NAACP, Freedom Fund Banquet Award for activities with children and youth in Wheeling, West Virginia, 1991.

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