Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Bill Matta

Adjunct Instructor

FO 122

Bill Matta
1400 College Drive
Waco, TX 76708


  • Doctorate, Foreign Language Education, University Texas Austin
  • Master Arts, English, University North Dakota
  • Bachelor Arts, English, University North Dakota
  • Bachelor Arts, Biology, Bemidji State University


  • Assistant Professor, English, 08/01/1999 - 08/31/2004, Northern State University
  • Associate Professor, English, 08/01/1998 - 08/31/1999, University Guam
  • Assistant Professor, English, 08/01/1993 - 08/31/1998, University Guam
  • Assistant Professor, 08/01/1989 - 08/31/1993, Emporia State University
  • Course Instructor (GTA), 08/01/1985 - 08/31/1989, University Texas Austin
  • Course Instructor (GTA), 08/01/1983 - 08/31/1985, University North Dakota
  • Adjunct Instructor, 06/01/2005 - Present, McLennan Community College


  • 2010 - Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings, 8th ed., by Ramage, Bean, & Johnson
  • 2008 - 'Carbon Economics,' brief letter to the editor, Discover magazine
  • 2003 - 'Big Fish,' story in Tall Tales of the Scenic Hotel, eds. Rena Troy & Nicole Gorden, Northome, MN
  • 2002 - Book review of Ideologies of Language, in Rocky Mountain Review of Language & Literature, Spring 1992
  • 2002 - 'Moonlighting in the Military,' on-line essay in the Career Network of The Chronicle of Higher Education (01 Oct. 2002); reprinted in The USAFA Admissions Insider, Nov. 2002
  • 1998 - Entries in the Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism, Supplement, Marshall Cavendish, 1998: 'Evacuation Claims Act of 1948' 'Organic Act of Guam of 1950'
  • 1997 - Entries in Masterplots II: Short Story, Supplement, HarperCollins, 1997: 'China Browne: Red Stars and Bound Lilies,' by Gerald Vizenor 'Moccasin Game,' by Gerald Vizenor 'Remembering Orchards,' by Barry Lopez 'She Is Beautiful in Her Whole Being,' by N. Scott Momaday.
  • 1996 - Entries in the Cyclopedia of World Authors, rev. ed., 1996; brief biographies of the following authors: 'Charles Darwin' (revised article) 'N. Scott Momaday' (revised article) 'Antoine de Sainte Exupery' (revised article) 'Saki (H.H. Munro)' revised article) 'Gerald Vizenor' (original article)
  • 1994 - In Masterplots II: American Fiction, Supplement, HarperCollins, 1994: a 3,250-word critical introduction & bibliography to the Victor Villasenor novel, Macho!
  • 1994 - Entries in the Asian American Encyclopedia, Marshall Cavendish, 1994: 'Adoption of Korean Children' [by Americans] 'The Denationalization Act of 1944' 'The Evacuation Claims Act of 1948' 'Hawaiian Statehood' 'Hayakawa, Sessue' 'Indians in the Motel/Hotel Business' [in the U.S.] 'Japanese Gardeners' [in the U.S.] 'Marriage Matchmaking' [of Indian immigrants in the U.S.] 'The 100th Battalion' [Japanese-American soldiers in WWII] 'The Refugee Act (1980)' [Southeast Asian immigration] 'The Refugee Relief Act of 1953' 'The Republic of Hawaii' 'Akaka, Sen. Daniel' 'Chamorros' 'Guamanians' 'Home Rule Movement (1973)' [Hawaiian] 'Kim, Col. Young Oak' 'Korea Times' 'Southern Mariana Islanders' 'Tolan Committee' [on Japanese-American internment of WWII] 'United Japanese Society' [of Hawaii]

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