Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Brooks Wilson


BTB 206

Brooks Wilson
1400 College Drive
Waco, TX 76708


  • Doctorate, Agricultural Economics, University California Davis
  • Master Science, Agricultural Economics, University California Davis
  • Bachelor Arts, Economics, University California Davis


  • Lecturer, 01/01/1997 - 07/31/1998, North Dakota State University
  • Assistant Professor, 11/01/1991 - 06/30/1995, Kansas State University
  • Professor, 08/24/1998 - Present, McLennan Community College


  • 1998 - Goreham, G., F. Olson, D. Cobia, and B. Wilson. Questions and Answers about Agricultural Loan Officers and Farmers' Investments in New Generation Cooperatives. NDSU Extension Service, Extension Report No. 42.
  • 1996 - Wilson, B., G. Goreham. The Formation of New Cooperatives and the Attitudes of Investors, and Non-Investors. Presented paper for the AAEA during 1997 summer meetings.
  • 1996 - Wilson, B., G. Goreham, T. kibbe, and D. Cobia. Agricultural Lenders' Role in Cooperative Investment in North Dakota. Agricultural Economics Report, No. 366.
  • 1994 - Wilson, B. A Model of the Economic Theory of Regulation for Undergraduates. Journal of Economic Education. 26(3):218-235.
  • 1993 - Wilson, B. Mexico's Economic, Political Reforms paying Strong Dividends. Kansas City Star.
  • 1991 - Wilson, B. Jay T. Velde; Dairy Reloation, Retirement and Urbanization. Case Study in Agricultural Management. U.C. Davis.
  • 1988 - Sexton, R., J. Wann and B. Wilson. Economic Analysis of California Cotton Ginning Technology. California Agriculture 42(6): 14-16.
  • 1988 - Sexton, R., B. Wilson and J. Wann. Some Tests of Economic Theory of Cooperatives: Methodology and Appliation to Cotton Ginning. Western jornal of Agricultural Economics 14(1):56-66.

Courses Taught: