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Vocational Nursing, Certificate of Completion

  • Academic Year: 2019-2020
  • Division / Department: Health Professions / Vocational Nursing
  • Degree Code: LVN
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The Vocational Nursing Program is accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing. Accreditation status: Full Approval

Approved by Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas, (333 Guadalupe #3-460, Austin, TX 78701;

This one-year certificate program is designed to prepare the vocational nurse to provide direct patient care and other nursing activities as designated by the licensure and practice regulations defined by the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas. Students must provide entrance exam scores for admission review. Graduates are eligible to apply to write the examination for vocational nurse licensure (NCLEX-PN). Students enrolled in a pre-vocational nursing academic program at McLennan are required to take the TSI Assessment prior to enrolling in college courses. Students must be TSI complete prior to enrollment into the Vocational Nursing Program.

All students must be concurrently enrolled in both a theory course and a clinical course each semester in the program. Students must pass both parts of the course to progress in the program. A grade of C or better must be earned in all courses required for a Certificate of Completion in Vocational Nursing. Students completing all three terms are eligible for a Certificate of Completion and to make application to write the National Council Licensing Examination for Vocational Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

A student has three years to complete the vocational nursing curriculum after official enrollment in the first vocational nursing course. Contact the program director for more information.

Students can choose to be finished with their education after completion of the certificate, apply for advance placement in the Associate Degree Nursing program at McLennan, or may choose to continue on to a bachelor's degree in nursing through the LVN to BSN program in partnership with Tarleton University. The LVN faculty promotes lifelong learning and workforce development as essential components of the educational process.

Marketable Skills:

The graduate will be able to:

1. Function effectively as a member of the health care team under the direction of registered nurses and physicians.

2. Demonstrate awareness of personal, ethical, and legal responsibilities toward nursing as a profession and to society as a whole.

3. Develop effective communication skills and therapeutic interpersonal relationships.

4. Use the nursing process to meet the physical, psychological and sociological needs of the individual thus providing safe and effective care to patients of all ages in a variety of settings.

5. Incorporate the four roles of member of profession, provider of patient centered care, patient safety advocate, members of the health care team into nursing practice.

Academic courses must be completed before entering the program.

BIOL 2404 Anatomy & Physiology (specialized) or
BIOL 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I and BIOL 2402 Anatomy & Physiology II
4 hours
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication or
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking or
SPCH 1318 Interpersonal Communication or
SPCH 1321 Business & Professional Communication or
SPCH 2333 Discussion & Small Group Communication
3 hours
HPRS 1206 Essentials of Medical Terminology or
HPRS 1101 Introduction to Health Professions and HPRS 1106 Essentials of Medical Terminology
2 hours
PSYC 2301 General Psychology 3 hours
Total hours:12 hours

Semester I

VNSG 1327 Essentials of Medication Administration 3 hours
VNSG 1423 Basic Nursing Skills 4 hours
VNSG 1122 Vocational Nursing Concepts 1 hours
VNSG 1360 Clinical - Practical Nurse 3 hours
11 hours

Semester II

VNSG 1509 Nursing in Health & Illness II 5 hours
VNSG 1260 Clinical - Practical Nurse 2 hours
VNSG 1119 Leadership & Professional Development 1 hours
VNSG 1261 Clinical - Practical Nurse 2 hours
10 hours

Semester III

VNSG 1262 Clinical - Practical Nurse 2 hours
VNSG 1263 Clinical - Practical Nurse 2 hours
VNSG 1330 Maternal-Neonatal Nursing 3 hours
VNSG 1334 Pediatrics 3 hours
10 hours
Total hours:31 hours

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