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Veterinary Technology, Associate of Applied Science

  • Academic Year: 2019-2020
  • Division / Department: Health Professions / Veterinary Technology
  • Degree Code: VET.TECH.AAS
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Accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association

This academically challenging program is designed to provide the theory and practice necessary to follow a fulfilling career as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. A veterinary technician is knowledgeable in the care and handling of animals, basic principles of normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology, and routine laboratory and clinical procedures.

Training as a veterinary technician enables the student to work as professional technical support to veterinarians, biomedical researchers and other scientists. Students can also find positions in the pharmaceutical industries, zoological gardens, animal control and humane organizations, and local and state health departments.

Enrollment into the Veterinary Technology Program is limited and competitive. Students must meet the admission requirements to the college as well as admission requirements into the Veterinary Technology Program. See the Veterinary Technology website or contact the program director for more information.

Students must maintain a minimum grade of C in all required courses, as well as an overall grade of 2.0 in order to progress in the degree program. Veterinary Technology students have five academic program years to complete the curriculum after official enrollment in the first program course.

Marketable Skills:

Upon completion of the Veterinary Assistant Program, students will be able to demonstrate entry-level proficiency in the following areas:

1. Office and Hospital Procedures

2. Pharmacology-medication administration and dispensing, handling and disposal of pharmaceuticals, prescription drug labeling

3. Anesthesia and surgical assisting-basic understanding of an anesthetic machine, principles of aseptic technique, patient preparation, basic surgical instrument identification, and preparation of items needed for surgery.

4. Radiology-patient positioning, safety and protective equipment used when taking radiographs

5. Parasitology, Clinical Pathology and Hematology-knowledge of supplies needed in the noted areas, proper handling of and preparing specimens for diagnostic assessment

6. Animal Husbandry, Handling, Behavior and Restraint

7. Kennel care-maintaining the patient care area, understanding the principles of disinfection/sanitation, feeding, walking and caring for the veterinary patient while boarding and/or hospitalized in the veterinary facility.

8. Professionalism and communication in the veterinary setting

9. The importance of a commitment to lifelong learning

Academic courses must be completed before entering the program.

BIOL 1406 Biology for Science Majors I or
BIOL 1408 Biology for Non-Science Majors I
4 hours
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3 hours
MATH 1314 College Algebra or
MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning)
3 hours
PSYC 2301 General Psychology or
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology
3 hours
Total hours:13 hours

Semester I

VTHT 1301 Introduction to Veterinary Technology 3 hours
VTHT 1105 Veterinary Medical Terminology 1 hours
VTHT 1413 Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology 4 hours
CHEM 1405 Introductory Chemistry I 4 hours
12 hours

Semester II

VTHT 1249 Veterinary Pharmacology 2 hours
VTHT 2321 Veterinary Parasitology 3 hours
VTHT 2223 Clinical Pathology I 2 hours
VTHT 2201 Canine and Feline Clinical Management 2 hours
Creative Arts elective or
Language, Philosophy, & Culture elective
3 hours
12 hours

Summer Semester

VTHT 1166 Practicum Veternarian Animal Health Tec 1 hours
1 hours

Semester III

VTHT 1341 Anesthesia & Surgical Assistance 3 hours
VTHT 1245 Veterinary Radiology 2 hours
VTHT 2331 Veterinary Clinical Pathology II 3 hours
VTHT 2205 Equine Clinical Management 2 hours
10 hours

Semester IV

VTHT 2325 Large Animal Assisting Techniques 3 hours
VTHT 2213 Lab Animal Clinical Management 2 hours
VTHT 1217 Veterinary Office Management 2 hours
VTHT 2439 Veterinary Nursing Care 4 hours
VTHT 2166 Practicum Veternarian Animal Health Tec 1 hours
12 hours
Total hours:47 hours

Creative Arts

ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation 3 hours
ARTS 1303 Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th Century) 3 hours
ARTS 1304 Art History II (14th Century to the Present) 3 hours
DRAM 1310 Introduction to Theater 3 hours
DRAM 2361 History of Theater I 3 hours
DRAM 2362 History of Theater II 3 hours
HUMA 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation 3 hours
MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation 3 hours
MUSI 1308 Music Literature I 3 hours
MUSI 1309 Music Literature II 3 hours
MUSI 1310 American Music 3 hours

Language, Philosophy, & Culture

ENGL 2321 British Literature 3 hours
ENGL 2322 British Literature I 3 hours
ENGL 2323 British Literature II 3 hours
ENGL 2326 American Literature 3 hours
ENGL 2327 American Literature I: Up to the Civil War 3 hours
ENGL 2328 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present 3 hours
ENGL 2331 World Literature 3 hours
ENGL 2332 World Literature I: Up to the 17th Century 3 hours
ENGL 2333 World Literature II: 17th Century to the Present 3 hours
ENGL 2341 Forms of Literature 3 hours
FREN 2311 Intermediate French I 3 hours
GERM 2311 Intermediate German I 3 hours
HUMA 1301 Introduction to Humanities I 3 hours
HUMA 1302 Introduction to Humanities II 3 hours
PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hours
PHIL 1304 Introduction to World Religions 3 hours
PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics 3 hours
SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish I 3 hours
SGNL 2301 Intermediate ASL I 3 hours

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