Degree Plans

Real Estate, Certificate of Completion

  • Academic Year: 2020-2021
  • Division / Department: Business Programs / Real Estate
  • Degree Code: RE.CERT
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This management program specialty area meets the academic requirements for salesperson licensure. The curriculum prepares the graduate to participate in the real estate industry as a salesman or investor.

Marketable Skills

1. Laws and regulations skills:

Learn how to apply the laws and regulations affecting real estate. 2. Contract skills: Attain a working knowledge of current Texas real estate contract forms. 3. Agency skills:

Learn to apply the concepts that regulate the fiduciary relationship that exists between and agent and a principal. 4. Computer skills:

Learn to use word processing, spreadsheet, data analysis, presentation, and database computer software to conduct business operations. 5. Communication skills:

Learn the ability to effectively develop, interpret, and express ideas through written, oral, and visual communication approaches. 6. Critical thinking skills:

Learn to diagnose, propose, and implement solutions to business problems through research, synthesis, and application of information. 7. Ethics skills:

Learn ways to evaluate situations and make ethical decisions that are socially responsible.

Semester I

RELE 1300 Contract Forms and Addenda 3 hours
RELE 1301 Principles of Real Estate 3 hours
BUSI 1301 Business Principles 3 hours
POFT 1301 Business English or
ENGL 1301 Composition I
3 hours
MRKG 1311 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
RELE 1311 Law of Contracts Real Estate Contracts 3 hours
18 hours

Summer Minimester

BMGT 1327 Principles of Management 3 hours
POFT 1393 Special Topics: Introduction to Keyboarding 1
May be waived if the student has taken a keyboarding course (touch method) or if the student can type at least 30 words a minute. Keyboarding test is required.
3 hours
6 hours

Semester III

BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications or
COSC 1301 Introduction to Computing 2
May be eligible for articulation through high school Tech-Prep or by individual courses from high school counselor. A business elective may be substituted for ACNT 1303 if the student has one year of high school accounting or booking experience.
3 hours
RELE 1319 Real Estate Finance 3 hours
RELE 2301 Law of Agency 3 hours
RELE 1338 Principles of Real Estate II 3 hours
RELE 2389 Internship- Real Estate 4
RELE 2589 is the CAPSTONE course which brings together skills and knowledge learned in other classes and applied them in decision-making situations and in completing job tasks. Must be a Real Estate major.
3 hours
15 hours
Total hours:39 hours