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EMSP 1160 77 - Clinical - Emergency Medical Technology/Technician

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Provides hospital clinical and pre-hospital work-based learning experiences with the supervision of a qualified preceptor.

Students interact directly with patients, family members, and hospital and pre-hospital employees and assist in the provision of care and services.

Students complete 60 hours of ambulance ride-outs and 20 hours of emergency department experience and record all activities on detailed forms that are reviewed, approved, and submitted to the course instructor.

Student documentation of patient care and procedures completed or assisted with are maintained in the student's file.

On-site clinical instruction, supervision, evaluation, and placement are the responsibility of the college faculty.

Clinical experiences are unpaid external learning experiences.

Includes hospital setting for Basic level.

Prerequisites: Must pass Accuplacer reading test with a score of 82.

Must contact EMS/Paramedicine program director to be advised on immunization details, application process and deadlines.

Corequisites: EMSP 1501, 1173, and 2271.

Semester Hours 1 (5 clinical hours/week).


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