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EMSP 1456 77 - Patient Assessment and Airway Management

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Studies the knowledge and skills necessary to reach competency in the assessment and management of patients with airway disease or injury.

Scenarios, case studies, and simulations included in this course assist the student to develop critical thinking skills in assessing and assisting with the treatment of patients with airway injuries or acute respiratory illnesses.

Prerequisites: Current Texas EMT Certification, HPRS 1206, BIOL 2404, pass Accuplacer reading test with a score of 82, math with a score of 63-95 and writing with a score of W5.

Must contact EMS/Paramedicine program director to be advised on immunization details, application process, and deadlines.

Corequisites: EMST 1161, 1162, 1173, 1438, 1455 and 2271.

Semester Hours 4 (3 lec/2 lab).


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