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Associate Degree Nursing

RNSG 2161 01 - Clinical Intermediate for MEEP

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A health-related, work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills, and concepts.

Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.

Clinical experiences include introduction to the roles of the registered nurse with emphasis on health promotion and primary disease prevention ac5ross the lifespan, essential components of the nursing health assessment, identification of deviations from expected health patterns; the application of a systematic, problem-solving process to provide basic nursing care to diverse clients across the lifespan; and applicable competencies in knowledge, judgment, skills and professional values within a legal/ethical framework.

Nursing process is the systematic, problem-solving process utilized.

Prerequisite:VNSG 1119;Level III courses.

Semester Hours: 1 (4.5 clinical hrs/wk).


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