Degree Plans

Bookkeeping & Tax Technician, Certificate

  • Academic Year: 2023-2024
  • Division / Department: Business Programs / Accounting
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This certificate prepares students who want to be bookkeeper to prepare and manage financial information and teaches the duties of a bookkeeper in a business environment.

It also prepares students to take the Enrolled Agent tax examination given by the IRS.

An Enrolled Agent is a federally-licensed tax practitioner who is allowed to provide tax advice, prepare tax returns, and represent a client before the IRS.

Marketable Skills

1. Accounting skills:

Learn to apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to transaction analysis, financial statement preparation, and financial statement analysis. 2. Tax skills:

Be prepared to take the IRS Enrolled Agent examination, which on passing the exam, allows the student to provide tax advice, prepare tax returns, and represent a client before the IRS. 3. Communication skills:

Learn the ability to effectively develop, interpret, and express ideas through written, oral, and visual communication approaches. 4. Critical thinking skills:

Learn to use financial and business information to diagnose, propose, and implement solutions to business problems through research, synthesis, and application of information. 5. Ethics skills:

Learn ways to evaluate situations and make ethical decisions that are socially responsible.

Summer-1 Session

ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting I 1
May be eligible for articulation through the statewide ATC program. See our high school counselor for information. A business elective may be substituted for ACNT 1303 if the student has one year high school accounting or accounting/bookkeeping experience.
3 hours
BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications 2
May be articulated but will be substituted for ITSC 1301 (may not transfer to 4-year institutions).
3 hours
ACNT 1331 Federal Income Tax 3 hours
ACNT 2331 Internal Control & Auditing 3 hours
12 hours

Semester II

ACNT 1329 Payroll & Business Tax Accounting 3 hours
ACNT 1347 Fed Income Tax/Partnerships/Corporations 3 hours
ACCT 2301 Principles/Financial Acct 3 hours
ACNT 2388 Internship-Accounting 3, 4
Student must meet guidelines for Internship and have approval of the program director before enrolling in this course.
CAPSTONE courses which bring together skills and knowlege learned in other classes and apply them in decision-making situations and in completing job tasks.
3 hours
12 hours
Total hours:24 hours