Degree Plans

Child Development Administration, OSA

  • Academic Year: 2023-2024
  • Division / Department: Human Services & Education / Child Studies & Education
  • Degree Code: CD.ADMIN.OSA
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This award builds the skills needed to be recognized in Texas as a Director of a child development facility.

Marketable Skills:

1. Graduates will be able to effectively collaborate within the diverse education workforce. (TW, COM)

2. Graduates will have the ability to communicate professionally with families, employers, employees and the community using oral and written methods appropriate to the situation (face-to-face, email, social media, etc.). (COM, PR, SR)

3. Graduates will be equipped to provide leadership and supervision to teachers regarding developmentally appropriate curriculum, instructional strategies, planning, referrals and child guidance strategies. (CT, EQS, PR, SR)

4. Graduates will be prepared to act as an advocate, engaging in conversations about how local, state, federal and legislative decisions influence children, families and the educational system. (CT, COM, TW, PR, SR)

5. Graduates will be equipped to appropriately handle confidential matters and make ethical decisions regarding business practices, employees, children and families. (CT, PR, SR, EQS)

CDEC 2326 Administration of Programs for Children I 3 hours
CDEC 2328 Administration of Programs for Children II 3 hours
CDEC 2336 Administration of Programs for Children III 3 hours
Total hours:9 hours