Degree Plans

CIS / Computer Support Specialist, Certificate

  • Academic Year: 2023-2024
  • Division / Department: Business Programs / Computer Information Systems & Multimedia
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"This program is pending approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board."

Prepares Students with a foundation in computer skills.

Marketable Skills

1. Understand and apply computing terminology and concepts used in the workplace- Critical Thinking/Communication.

2. Apply fundamentals of computer programming in structured design concepts- Critical Thinking/Communication.

3. Configure, use, and troubleshoot computer operating systems and/or application software Critical Thinking.

4. Use the Internet to locate, transfer, research and publish information at a level appropriate for the academic and work environment. Critical Thinking/Communication.

5. Install and evaluate desktop and network security protocols and principles- Critical Thinking.

Semester I

POFT 1393 Special Topics: Introduction to Keyboarding 3 hours
ITSC 1325 Personal Computer Hardware 3 hours
6 hours

Semester II

ITSW 1301 Introduction to Word Processing 3 hours
ITNW 1337 Introduction to the Internet 3 hours
ITSW 1307 Introduction to Database 3 hours
ITSW 1304 Introduction to Spreadsheets 3 hours
12 hours
Total hours:18 hours