Degree Plans

Cybersecurity, OSA

  • Academic Year: 2023-2024
  • Division / Department: Business Programs / Computer Information Systems & Multimedia
  • Degree Code: CIS.CYBER.OSA
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Apply National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines and other best practices; develop backup/recovery procedures to provide for data security; use network operating system features to implement network security; identify computer and network threats and vulnerabilities and methods to prevent their effects; use tools to enhance network security; and use encryption techniques to protect network local and distributed systems data.

Identify sources of attacks; restore the system to normal operation; identify and prevent security threats; perform a postmortem analysis; identify computer investigation issues; and identify the roles and responsibility of the incident response team.

Appraise security plan to ensure appropriate level of protection; assess network security design; audit network system based on security design; use relevant tools to assure security requirements; and review security policies and procedures on a regular basis.

Develop a security plan; establish suitable level of protection; determine legal issues; implement network security design; and revise risk analysis and security plan.

Marketable Skills:

1. Understand and apply computing terminology and concepts used in the workplace- Critical Thinking/Communication;

2. Configure, use, and troubleshoot computer operating systems and/or application software Critical Thinking;

3. Identify & understand a variety of network and data communication devices, topologies, protocols and standards as well as Install, configure, and troubleshoot network servers in one or more network operating system environments;

4. Install and evaluate desktop and network security, Identifying sources of attacks and security breaches; analyzing security logs; recovering the system to normal; and

5. Asses evaluation and risk management; Appraise security plan to ensure appropriate level of protection; assess network security design.

Semester I

ITSY 1342 Information Tech Security 3 hours
ITSY 2342 Incident Response and Handling 3 hours
ITSY 2359 Security Assessment & Auditing 3 hours
ITSY 2341 Security Management Practices 3 hours
Total hours:12 hours