Degree Plans

Counselor Intern Education Preparation Certificate

  • Academic Year: 2023-2024
  • Division / Department: Human Services & Education / Mental Health/Social Work
  • Degree Code: MH.CIEP.CERT
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This certificate is awarded to those students who have completed the necessary 270 educational clock-hour component required by the state of Texas for licensing of alcohol and drug abuse counselors. Students must contact the Texas Department of State Health Services for additional requirements for licensure.

Semester I

DAAC 1304 Pharmacology of Addiction 3 hours
DAAC 1317 Basic Counseling Skills 3 hours
DAAC 1319 Substance-Related & Addictive Disorders 3 hours
PMHS 1291 Special Topics in Psychiatric/Mental Health Services 2 hours
11 hours

Semester II

SCWK 1303 Ethics for Social Service Professionals 3 hours
DAAC 2354 Dynamics of Group Counseling 3 hours
DAAC 1309 Assessment of Substance-Related & Addictive Disorders 3 hours
DAAC 2266 Practicum - Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling 2 hours
11 hours
Total hours:22 hours