Quick Reference Guide

Place Outgoing Call

There are five options for placing a call:

  • Lift the HANDSET and dial the number. OR
  • Press a LINE button and dial the number. OR
  • Press the SPEAKER button and dial the number. OR
  • Press the NEWCALL soft key and dial the number. OR
  • Press the HEADSET button and dial the number.
  • For Internal Campus Calling: Dial the four digit extension number.
  • For External/Off Campus Calling: Dial 9 + number.
  • For Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number, WAIT FOR TONE, enter 6-digit long distance code, followed by the # key
  • Emergency: Dial 9 + 911 or On Campus 8911

Answer Incoming Call

There are four options for answering a call:

  • Lift the Handset. OR
  • Press the Answer soft key. OR
  • Press the Speaker button. OR
  • Press the Headset button.

Place Call On Hold

  • While on call
  • Press HOLD soft button
  • Hang up or connect to another call
  • To return to the call, press the RESUME soft key.

Second Call Ring In

  • Press the ANSWER Soft Key
  • Placing Caller 1 on HOLD, OR
  • Press END CALL soft button
  • Press the ANSWER Soft Key

Retrieve Held Call

  • Press RESUME or LINE button
  • You can highlight the call you want pick up with scroll bar and then press Resume

Set-Up Voice Mail

There are 5 steps to initializing your Mailbox:

  • Access the Voice Mail system
  • Record your Name
  • Record your Greeting
  • Change your Password
  • Choose to be listed in the Directory.

Retrieve Voice Mail

  • Hit the MESSAGE button.
  • Press # Enter your PASSWORD
  • Press 1 to listen to New Messages
  • Press 3 to Review Old Messages

Remote Voice Mail

  • From On campus: Press the star (*) key
  • From Off campus: Dial your number OR the main number
  • Press (*) when you hear the greeting
  • Enter your ID number (your mailbox number)
  • Press the (#) key
  • Enter your Password, press (#)
  • Press (#)

Transfer To Voice Mail

  • Press the TRANSFER soft button
  • Dial (*)
  • Dial desired Extension Number
  • soft button again
  • Hang up


  • By pressing hr IDivert softkey you will send incoming calls to your VoiceMail.


Automatically dials the voicemail system.

  • Press the Messages button.
  • You hear, "Enter your password, followed by pound." You will then be greeted by the voicemail main menu.

Call Park

  • Press the MORE soft key until you see the PARK key.
  • Press the PARK soft key to park the call. The LCD displays the number where the call is parked.
  • Make a note of the Call Park number that is displayed and hang up.
  • To retrieve the parked call, go to any phone on the system and dial the Call Park number.

Transfer To Extension

  • While on call
  • Press TRANSFER Soft button
  • Press TRANSFER

Call Forward

  • Press the CFwdALL soft button
  • Dial extension number to where you want your calls directed.

Turn Off Call Forward

  • Press the CFwdALL soft button
  • You will hear 2 beeps
  • Call Forward has been turned off


  • Connect to first party
  • Press MORE soft button
  • Press CONFRN
  • Enter the next number
  • Internal, Extension # or Outside, 9 + number
  • Press CONFERENCE button
  • Conference will be in place


  • Press the DIRECTORIES button
  • Choose the directory of choice
  • Use the scroll bar to select
  • To call this number choose
  • EDIT and add a “9” to the beginning
  • Press the DIAL soft button

Ring Type

  • Press SETTINGS Button
  • Use the scroll bar to select RING TYPE
  • Use scroll bar to select default ring type
  • Press Play to sample ring tone
  • Press Ok soft key to apply.

Screen Contrast

  • Press SETTINGS Button
  • Use the scroll bar to select CONTRAST
  • Use Up and Down soft key to select
  • Press Ok soft key to apply

Information Button

  • Press desired Soft Button
  • Read display

Call Join

  • Highlight the call on hold with your Navigation Button
  • Press your Join Softkey


  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the HELP DESK at 8077