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Commencement FAQs

Instructions for Graduates

  • Is there a form to fill out for Commencement?

    Yes. This form provides the Records Office with the name you want printed on your diploma or certificate, your decision on participating in the Commencement ceremony, and your current mailing address. If you plan to participate in the ceremony, this form will also request information from you about your cap and gown order. Changes to the name printed on diplomas and certificates will not be accepted after the deadline. If you have questions, please email or call 254-299-8434.

  • How do I find and complete the Graduation Information Form?

    Step 1: Log into WebAdvisor.
    Step 2: Select the Students menu, if it does not show after you log in.
    Step 3: Select the Graduation Information Form link under Academic Planning.
    Step 4: Select ANY program with the words “Application Submitted [Date]” beside it. This means we have identified you as an eligible candidate for graduation. Please do not select a program that does not have “Application Submitted [Date]” beside it because you are not eligible for that program.

  • Is there a deadline to complete the Graduation Information form?

    The deadline to complete the Graduation Information form is Wednesday, April 1.

  • What if I do not plan on attending the Commencement ceremony?

    The Office of Student Records & Registration will mail your diploma or certificate to the address provided on your Graduation Information Form the week of May 18. If you change addresses after completing the form, please email your new address with your name and student ID number to

Instructions for Participating in Commencement

  • How do I order my cap and gown?

    Caps and gowns are free! The deadline to order is Wednesday, April 1.

    You will place your order on the Graduation Information Form (explained in the FAQ entitled “How do I find and complete the form for Graduation” above), you will let us know you want a cap and gown when you fill out the portion of the form regarding the gown size.

    The McLennan Bookstore cannot take cap and gown orders.

    (View the Gown Size Chart.)

  • When/Where do I pick up my cap and gown?

    You may pick up your cap and gown at the McLennan Bookstore in the Michaelis Academic Center beginning Tuesday, April 28.

  • What if I miss the deadline to order my cap and gown?

    Visit the McLennan Bookstore in the Michaelis Academic Center between Tuesday, April 28 and Friday, May 8 to find out if there are caps and gowns available.

    Let them know you did not place an order. They will contact our office, and we will release a cap and gown, if you are eligible for graduation. Caps and gowns will not be released after December 11 to students who did not place an order.

    Late orders will not be accepted at the McLennan Bookstore prior to Tuesday, April 2.

  • May I decorate my cap?

    We know you are excited to finally graduate, and we are excited for you. MCC allows graduates to decorate and personalize their caps. However, all decorations must be flat and should not extend off the top of the cap. Graduates will not be allowed to participate in the Commencement ceremony if decorations do not meet these requirements or if the decorations are deemed inappropriate or offensive.

  • Honors Organizations Recognized by McLennan

    McLennan Community College recognizes the following honors organizations:

    • Presidential Scholars Program
    • Honor College Scholars
    • Bernard & Audre Rapport MCC First Generation Scholars
    • Psi Beta — Psychology
    • Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
    • Epsilon Delta Pi — Computer Science
    • Sigma Kappa Delta — English
    • Follett Merit Scholars
    • Gowns should be free from any markings or other modifications.

    ***Please note that we do not recognize

  • How do I receive my Honors cord, medallion, or stole?

    Please contact the Honors organization awarding the honor to receive your medallion or stole.

    Honor graduates will receive honor cords at the rehearsal and should bring the honor cords to the ceremony. If you are not able to attend rehearsal, you will receive your Honor cord at check-in at the ceremony.

    Honor cords will be pinned to the left shoulder of the gown. If you are a member of an honor society, please contact your advisor before Commencement to obtain your cord, medallion or stole. Honor advisors will not be available the day of the commencement to distribute these items.

  • How are Honors calculated?

    Graduation GPA is calculated using your cumulative grade point average (please note transfer work is included in the calculation). You may contact to verify your honor status. Please provide your name, student ID number, and program of study.

    Honors Designations

    Honors 3.50 - 3.79
    High Honors3.80 - 3.99
    Highest Honors4.00

  • I am receiving a certificate. Am I eligible for Honors?

    Honors designations are only available for Associate degree programs.

  • I am a Health Professions graduate. May I wear my health professions pin?

    Yes, health professions graduates are allowed to wear the pin associated with their program.

  • Why should I attend rehearsal?

    MCC holds a short rehearsal for graduates before Commencement to allow them to get their seat number, receive important information about the ceremony and practice some of the events that will occur at the ceremony.

  • Where and when is rehearsal?

    A short rehearsal will be held on Tuesday, May 12 at 10 a.m. Please arrive for rehearsal at the Ferrell Center by 9:30 a.m.

  • I am unable to attend rehearsal. What should I do?

    If you are not able to attend the rehearsal, please view our informational video.

  • What should I expect at the Commencement ceremony?

    We wish the best for each of our graduates and want to preserve the honor and dignity of this special occasion. We request that everyone display courteous and respectful behavior toward the graduates, families, and friends. We request that guests arrive on time. Please refrain from loud talking, the use of air horns, noisemakers, and cell phones so that everyone can enjoy the ceremony as we honor each graduate.

    1. Graduates should arrive the Ferrell Center by 6:15 p.m. on May 12. Please arrive on time.
    2. At check in graduates will receive their name card, seat number and cords if applicable. Each graduate must keep the name card, so that it can be given to the person announcing the graduate names.
    3. Graduates will receive assistance with caps and gowns at this time. Graduates should obtain caps, gowns, and tassels from the McLennan Bookstore prior to the ceremony and bring these items with them to the ceremony.
    4. Graduates should secure valuables before entering the Ferrell Center.
    5. A Commencement program will be placed in each graduate's chair.
    6. Graduates will be instructed to remain in the lineup/staging area until the procession begins.
    7. Graduates should wear nice attire under their robes. Men are encouraged to wear slacks, dress shirts and dress shoes; ladies are encouraged to wear nice shoes, and dresses, or slacks and blouses.
    8. Caps will be worn in such a manner that the top is flat rather than slanted.
    9. The tassels are worn on the right side of the cap during the ceremony.
    10. Gowns should be free from any markings or other modifications.
  • I would like more information about the process to the ceremony.

    Once graduates are lined up in order, they will be led the ceremony room. The procession will be led by the bagpipers, followed by the stage party, faculty, and graduates. The procession will begin approximately 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

    Graduates will be seated in the graduate section.

    Graduates should remain standing until after the National Anthem. Men should remove their caps during the National Anthem.

  • I would like more information about the Commencement ceremony's program of events.
    1. After the National Anthem, a Vice President will direct everyone to be seated. Caps should be put back on.
    2. The ceremony will proceed in the order listed in the commencement program.
    3. At the appropriate time, the Vice President of Instruction, and the President of McLennan‘s Board of Trustees will direct all graduates to stand.
    4. All graduates will be certified and then directed to be seated.
    5. The Vice President of Instruction will direct the graduates to come to the stage to receive their diplomas. Graduates will walk to the stage with their name cards.
    6. Graduates will receive their diploma as they enter the stage.
    7. At the stage, the graduates will give his/her name card to the announcer.
    8. The announcer will read the names of the graduates as they step up to the stage to receive their diploma from McLennan's President and shake hands. A picture will be taken as the graduate shakes hands with the President. The graduate will proceed and shake hands with a member of McLennan's Board of Trustees and leave the stage. After exiting the stage, the graduate will get their picture taken. After taking the photo, graduates will return to their seats.
  • What are the special presentations?
    1. Before the Highest Honor graduates receive their diplomas, the Vice President of Instruction will say a few words about the significance of being a Highest Honor graduate.
    2. The Highest Honor graduates will walk to the stage with their row and give their name cards to the announcer.
    3. The announcer will read the names of the Highest Honor graduates individually followed by personal biographical information as they receive a plaque from the Vice President of Instruction. Each Highest Honor graduate will remain standing with the Vice President of Instruction until their personal biographical information has been read.
    4. The Highest Honor graduates will receive their diploma from the McLennan's President and shake hands. A picture will be taken as the Highest Honor graduate receives their diploma and shakes hands with the President. The Highest Honor graduate will proceed and shake hands with a member of McLennan's Board of Trustees and leave the stage.
    5. After exiting the stage, the Highest Honor graduate will take a posed photo and receive their diplomas. After receiving their diplomas, the Highest Honor graduates will return to their seats.
  • When does the ceremony end?
    1. After all of the graduates are back in their seats, a Vice President will direct the graduates to move their tassels from the right to the left. Guests will be asked to remain seated during the recessional.
    2. The bagpipers will lead the recessional followed by the stage party participants.
    3. After the stage party participants have filed off the stage, the Deans will approach the front row of graduates and direct them to stand and to follow the stage party participants. Each row of graduates will follow the preceding row. The faculty will follow the graduates.
    4. Graduates will process to the foyer area of the convention center to meet their guests.
  • If I am graduating from MCC at the Ferrell Center, are there restrictions on what I (or my guests) can bring into that facility?

    Yes. The Ferrell Center’s facility restrictions are listed below:

    1. No outside food or drink may be brought into the facility by spectators.
    2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the facility (including the parking lot).
    3. No artificial noisemakers are allowed in the Center.
    4. No pets.
    5. No non-clear bags larger than 12”x 12”x 6”. Prohibited bags include, but are not limited to: backpacks, briefcases, camera bags, cinch bags, computer bags, coolers, diaper bags, duffle bags, fanny packs, luggage, any other bag deemed to not meet the clear bag policy. Bags must be clear plastic vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12”x 12”x 6” or a small clutch bag no larger than 4.5”x 6.5”x 3”.
    6. No helium balloons.
    7. Smoking is not allowed inside or on the grounds of the Facility.
    8. Weapons are not allowed inside or on the grounds of the Facility
    9. No particulates, i.e., sand, glitter, confetti
    10. No adhesive
    11. No umbrellas
  • General Questions About Earning A Degree/Certificate

    • What is the difference between Commencement and Graduation?

      There is no difference between Commencement and Graduation. Generally, when you graduate from a college or university, the certificate or degree award ceremony is called Commencement.

    • What is the difference between earning a certificate versus earning an Associate degree at MCC?

      Students are awarded a Certificate of Completion by meeting specified requirements as outlined by the program awarding the certificate. There are two levels of certificates:

      • Level One: - requires 15 to 42 semester hours of college credit.
      • Level Two: - requires 43 to 59 semester hours of college credit.

      Students earning Associate degrees complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit.

      For more information, go to

    • What kind of job can I get if I earn a certificate only?

      For more information about career opportunities, contact the Program Director of the specific program awarding the certificate. You may also may explore MCC's Gainful Employment information at

    • Can I earn a Bachelor's degree at MCC?

      MCC awards Certificates of Completion and Associate degrees only. However, students may earn Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degrees through MCC's University Center located in the Michaelis Academic Center (first floor). For more information, call 254-299-8882 or email Annette Scott at

    • What happens if I do not earn enough credits to graduate after five years at MCC?

      A student may graduate with an Associate's degree according to the degree requirements in effect at the time of initial enrollment in college-credit courses at MCC. From the date of initial enrollment, students have five years to complete an Associate's degree (A.A., A.A.T., A.S., or A.A.S.). After five years, students will be subject to meeting any new degree requirements in effect when the student enrolls again. The appropriate Dean must approve exceptions to these requirements.

      Students seeking an Associate's degree in Health Professions (including the Nursing program) must complete degree requirements within five years of initial program acceptance and enrollment. Students seeking a Certificate of Completion in any Health Professions Pathway program must complete the requirements within three years of initial program acceptance and enrollment.

    • What if I changed my major a few times before graduation and do not have enough credits for my current major? May I still graduate?

      It depends on whether you have met all of the requirements to be considered a candidate for graduation. In order to meet and complete degree or certificate requirements, it is important that you learn about your academic program (or major) of choice and choose an academic program based on your abilities, skills, and interests.

      If you are unsure about the best program for you, please visit Advising and Career Services in the Student Services Center (Second Floor). You may contact them by email at or by calling 254-299-8614.

      Career Services is just one of the many free resources available to you as an MCC student. If you would like to learn more about campus resources, please see our Campus Resource Guide.

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