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When I answer a incoming call, the call is immediately placed on hold.

When answering the call the end -user is likely picking up the handset, while pressing the answer button. If call is answered by picking up the handset, Answer changes to hold. Thus, immediately placing the call on hold. When answering a call with the handset, the end-user does not need to press any buttons. It is "Auto Answer."« top

When I have a call on hold, I hang up, my call holding information disappears.

True, however the timer associated with the call is still on the right side of the screen next the extension number. You can pick the call back up by going to the line key associated with the call. If the call is coming in on a line with "Call Waiting" in most cases it will be associated with the top/primary line/extension.« top

When I have 2 calls holding and I press the Resume feature button, I always pick up the last call I placed on hold.

The Resume feature, picks up the last call placed on Hold. To pick calls put on hold previously, go to the line key associated with that call. To determine the line key associated with that extension, follow the open lines, by the extension number. These lines will block in any Caller ID information, plus the timer associated with the call. If the caller sees two timers within the blocked lines, the extension has "Call Waiting" on and 2 calls are holding. The line key will pick up the first call listed, and resume should pick up the last call listed. « top

When I am on a call I hear a quick beep, similar to a Call Waiting tone. I can see another call coming in, but I can not put my first call on hold to answer it. I only have the option to Answer my second call.

The beep that is heard is actually "Call Waiting" with another call coming in. Just like Call Waiting on our home phones, you can only answer the second call. Answer automatically puts Call 1 on Hold, and Connects to Call 2.« top

When I go to Call an Outside Number, I always get a busy signal before I finish dialing.

Chances are that when you accessed a Dial Tone, and started Dialing, Outside Access was never achieved. When you first access Dial Tone, you are accessing a Dial Tone within the Phone System/Internal. To access and Outside Dial Tone you must dial designated number. In most cases Outside Access is achieved by dialing "9."
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Every time I transfer a call it is still on my phone. I can never complete a transfer.

To transfer a call you must initiate the transfer by pressing "Transfer" , dial the extension (announce call), and Press "Transfer" to complete the transfer. If you fail to press Transfer the second time, the call will still be holding on the phone where the transfer began.
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When I try to set up a conference call, I get a busy signal when connecting either the second or third party.

Conferencing requires DSP resources. Most systems come with limited resources. When you hear the fast busy, this means all the resources are busy or in use. Wait a while, and try again. Generally conference calls will last longer than typical calls.
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When I try to pull a Parked call back, by dialing the Park zone number, I get a busy signal.

This could mean several things. One, that someone has picked the Parked call up, two, that the park call has reached its timer limit and is recalling the phone that placed it there, or three, that the caller hung up disconnecting the call from the system. It doesn't hurt to wait about 20-30 seconds and re-try entering the park zone number. Someone may have placed the call back on park, which will send the call back to it original park zone.« top

When I try to put a call on 'Park,' I get a busy signal.

There are two possibilities here. One, that all "Park" zones are in use, therefore busying them out. Or two, that "Park" is not set up in the Call Manager Programming.« top

I keep getting calls for another (specific) extension.

Chances are that the person/extension you keep getting calls for has their extension forwarded to your extension. The next time you get a call watch the display see if it say Call from XXXXXXXXX forwarded for ext. XXXXXX (or the persons name). If this is the case contact the person assigned to this extension and have them press the Soft feature button below CFWDALL one time. This will turn the call forwarding off.« top

I can not seem to highlight and dial outside numbers from missed or received directories.

When using Missed or Received Calls Directories, you must insert the digit required for outgoing access (normally a 9). To do this you must first highlight the number of interest, select the soft feature button below "Edit/Dial." When the number reappears there will be a cursor flashing on the first number, dial the Outside digit access, and press the soft feature button below dial. If you are dialing a number that is long distances chances are you will need to insert a 1 as well (dial 19 thus placing the 1 before actual 10 digit number, and the 9 before the one. If you are dialing locally, and the number appears as a ten digit number (the area code) you must move the cursor to the right and then erase the area code by moving the cursor back to the left. It is recommended that you first insert the outside access digit first. You can move your curor with the soft feature buttons below the right and left arrows.« top

When I try to locate someone in the directory I can never find them.

There can be two causes for this. First, the name appears differently then the way you are searching (example David, and you enter Dave). Bring the search criteria down and scroll through all possibilities. Second, The person you are looking for may have been taken out of the directory.« top

When I try to type a name in to search for I can never get it to work. I get a strange variety of letters.

Chances are that you are only hitting each key once. You must hit the key that displays the letter, until it shows the letter you are looking for. For example, If I want to enter Barb, I would need to hit the 2 key twice to get a "B", then wait till the cursor moves over, and hit the 2 key once to get a "A" , I would then move to the 7 key and hit it three times to get a "R" and then back to the 2 key twice for the last "B". If you find you make a mistake, there is a soft feature button below a left arrow, giving you access to "backspacing."« top

I can never get information on the feature I want.

Chances are that you are accessing the "Information" button before you have a visual on the feature you want information on. You must first scan through all features with the "More" button locating the feature of choice, then press the " I " button, the press the "Soft Feature Button" of the feature you want information on.« top

Whenever I try to Pick up a call I get prompted for a group number.

You will only get prompted for a group number if you access "Gpickup" Feature. Group Pick up allows you to pick up calls in multiple groups. Including groups you are and are not a member of. You must know the group number to answer calls from groups outside of your own, or if you are a member in more than one group. Group Pick Up will pick the call ringing in the longest from the group chosen.« top

When I try to access the Pick Up feature, it doesn’t work.

For "Pick Up" feature to work you must be a member of a Pick Up Group. If you are not a member of a Pick UP group, you can not pick up calls from the "Pick Up" feature button. You must use the "Group Pick Up" feature and enter the group number. If you are a member in more than one group you must also use the "Group Pick Up" feature and enter the specific group number you wish to pick up.
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Every time I choose my ring type it never stays. It always goes back to what was there first.

This is very common. When choosing a ring type, you must first scroll to the chosen ring type, (it will appear highlighted), Press the "Select" soft feature button on the bottom of the far left of your display, this will put a check in the box outside of the ring type name. Next you must press the 3rd soft feature button, "OK," and finally press the 2nd soft feature key "SAVE."
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Every time I adjust my volumes, they never stay.

You can adjust your volumes and revert back to your saved volumes if you do not save them. To save your ring tone volumes, you must adjust the volume with your volume bar, press "Settings" and then press "Save" in your display. This will now be your default ring in volume. If you are adjusting your volumes for handset or speaker phone, you need to be in that Mode, adjust volume with volume bar, and press "Save" in your display. This will be your new default volume. If you are happy with your volume, you only need to adjust your volume and hang up, reverting back to the default volume. If you are using a 7910 style phone you need to adjust the volume, then press "Settings" and then the "Pound/#" key to "SAVE".« top

I can never read my display it is either too light or too dark

To adjust your "Contrast," press "Settings" and scroll through the various options adjust through the soft feature buttons on your display, or with your volume bar. When ready to save press the "SAVE" soft feature button.
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Every time I transfer a call to voice mail, they come back to me and tell me that it was invalid.

Transferring to voice mail, can easily be messed up. Always remember (unless special short cuts have been created, not frequently done) that You must tell Voice Mail that you are going to enter a mailbox number by pressing the "POUND / #" key, then enter the mailbox number and complete the transfer with by pressing "Transfer" a second time.
The exact steps are:
  1. Press "Transfer"
  2. Press "Messages or voice mail extension number"
  3. Press "POUND/#" telling voice mail you are entering a mailbox number
  4. Enter Mailbox number the call is to be transferred too.
  5. Press "Transfer" to complete the transfer.

It is recommended that while entering these steps to take handset away from your ear, so that Voice Mail Jane's talking doesn't confuse you or throw you off.
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